The SouthEastern JSWMD encourages homeowners to recycle by providing information about the proper management of their household waste, a list of service providers, and “Special Waste Collection Events” that assist them with the proper management of common recyclables, electronics, televisions, computers, scrap tires, appliances, and household hazardous wastes that are generated in and around the home.

Residential Waste District Information

Buildings in different locations in all of the member counties. Also, there are a number of private waste hauling companies that provide curbside recycling services and recycling facilities for use by the general public.

With the rising cost of waste disposal and transportation, the average homeowner has the ability to reduce their waste disposal cost simply by taking advantage of services provided at little or no cost.

Solid Waste Facts

  • The average residence produces approximately 5.4 pounds of solid waste per day for each person living in the home.
  • On average over thirty percent of that waste generated can be easily recycled.
  • In many instances, over 50 percent and as high as 66 percent can be recycled if the homeowner has access to and takes advantage of services provided to them by private waste disposal companies and the District.

Find a Recycling Drop-Off Location Near You.


Public Drop-Off Recycling:

Acceptable Items at compartmentalized recycling trailers operated by the SOUTHEASTERN OHIO JOINT SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

Paper Products

recycle-paperCorrugated cardboard (flattened), pasteboard food & cereal boxes, mail, newspaper including inserts, office paper, shredded office paper, computer paper, brown paper bags, phonebooks, catalogs, & magazines.

Plastic Bottles: #1 & #2 Only

recycle-plastic“Narrow mouth bottles with the mouth smaller than the base”, food, and beverage containers with the mouth narrower than the base – examples include milk bottles, soft drink bottles, plastic beer bottles, laundry detergent, fabric softener, soap shampoo, coffee containers. Please do NOT place any plastic bags in recycling.

Aluminum and Steel Food & Beverage Containers

recycle-cansAny can that is designed for the containment of food and beverages, regardless of size (empty the cans) including pet food cans.

Glass Food & Beverage Containers

recycle-bottlesClear, Green, Blue, and Brown food and beverage containers only. This includes beer and wine bottles, soft drink, bottles, glass food bottles and jars, baby food, and canning (Mason™) jars.

Recycling Information

  • Please breakdown all cardboard boxes.
  • Place everything in the trailer compartments. If a bin is full, put it in any other one. Do not place materials on the ground outside the container.
  • Recycle the right way at our locations or not at all. We are not a trash service. For the Trailer Schedule call (740) 732-5493 or visit our calendar for a list of recycling events in your area. Residents can use any site in the district regardless of which county, township, city or village they reside in.

We DO NOT recycle the following list of items and do not want them dropped off.

Egg cartons, juice and frozen food boxes; pizza boxes; plastic trash and grocery bags; tissue, napkins, paper towels, food trays; oil and antifreeze containers; yogurt cups, buckets, window glass, automotive glass, ceramics materials, drinking glasses, cups, mugs, dishware, pots, pans, plates, silverware and other eating utensils, light bulbs, clothing, wood, wooden pallets, toys, pools, pool liners, aerosol cans, steel and plastic drums, Styrofoam or any other plastic than those listed above; scrap metal, furniture, bedding, carpet, sharps/syringes & other medical waste, food waste, dead animals, yard waste, automotive fluid or other hazardous materials, computers, televisions, computer monitors, computer printers, copiers, scanners, cell phones, telephones, mattresses, electronics, appliances, scrap tires, and construction & demolition waste, paint, gas tanks; air, propane and gas cylinders; fire extinguisher, scrap tire, burn barrels, buckets & pails, vinyl siding.

Drop-off Locations

  • Guernsey County

    • Old Washington Near Fire Department
    • Senecaville Fire Department Lot
    • Cambridge Crossroads Branch Library, 63500 Byesville Road
    • Cambridge Street Department 100 Charles Ave.
    • Byesville Train Depot Lot
    • Cambridge Cambridge Transfer at 4217 Glenn Highway
    • Quaker City Village Park
    • Winterset Madison Township Building
    • Cumberland Spencer Township Building
    • Center Twp. Lore City Community Bldg.
  • Monroe County

    • Woodsfield  342 Lewisville Rd. (rear)
    • Beallsville Street Dept. Lot
    • Sardis Dairy Bar
    • Clarington United Church of Christ
    • Hannibal Ohio Twp. Garage
    • Lewisville Old School Parking Lot
    • Malaga Bush Church
  • Morgan County

    • Mary Hammond Recycling 900 S. Riverside Dr.
    • Brock’s Recycling 3182 W. SR 37
    • MIBA 5037 N. SR 60–Parking Lot
    • Malta 521 Main Street
    • Windsor Twp. Stockport-1681 Broadway
    • Manchester Twp. Reinersville-Twp. Garage Lot
    • Riecker Building Parking Lot 155 East Main Street
    • Penn Twp. Pennsville-School Parking Lot
    • Meigsville Twp. Township Bldg.
  • Muskingum County

    • City of Zanesville Curbside Recycling
    • Muskingum County MRF 2215 Adamsville Rd.
    • Muskingum County EMA Lot 2213 Adamsville Rd.
    • Falls Twp. Moose Lodge Lot
    • Muskingum County Engineering Complex (Animal Shelter)
    • Springfield Township – 90 North Maysville Pike – Lot Between Papa John’s Pizza & CVS
    • Zanesville City Sanitation Dept. Lot
    • Zanesville City 4th St. & Elberon Ave.
    • Zanesville City SR 666 & Riverside Park
    • Wayne Twp. Wayne Twp. Garage
    • Union Twp. Union Twp. Garage
    • Licking Twp. Licking Twp. Garage
    • Perry Twp. Perry Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept.
    • Goodwill Industries 3610 West Pike
    • Goodwill Industries 2134 Maple Ave.
  • Noble County

    • Caldwell #1 215 West St.
    • Caldwell #2 18506 Woodsfield Rd.
    • Jackson Twp. Dexter City Park
    • Noble Twp. Liberty Grocery Lot
  • Washington County

      • City of Marietta Free Curbside Recycling
      • City of Belpre Free Curbside.
      • Devola Free Curbside for Waste Mgt. & Rumpke Customers
      • Friends of Recycling 915 Gilman Ave.
      • Fearing Twp. I-77 Rest Area
      • Waterford Twp. Beverly # 1 @ 5th St.
      • Waterford Twp. Beverly # 2 @ Ferry Street
      • Waterford Twp. Waterford @ Twp. Garage
      • Muskingum Twp. Devola – Firehouse Lot
      • Muskingum Twp. Oak Grove – Community Bldg.
      • Marietta Twp. Reno- VFD Firehouse Lot
      • Belpre Twp. Little Hocking Firehouse Lot
      • Barlow Twp. Township Garage Lot
      • Salem Twp. Barber Shop Lot
      • Adams Twp. Lowell Firehouse Lot
      • Grandview Twp. SR 7 – New Mat IGA/Amos Car Sales